3 Super Powers God Hid in Man


Man was made by God as recorded and understood from the book of Genesis 1:27. He made man and implanted the gift and ability of dominion over the earth in mankind. Irrespective of gender, God gave the power to humans over things on the earth. But it takes a man who has understood the dealings of God with man to engage these abilities to do exploit on earth. The fall of man in Genesis 3:1-end blindfolded man from understanding that he has been made and given super powers to be a god on earth in order to bring to pass on earth the master plan of God as it is in heaven. This is the very reason why the pattern of prayer Jesus taught had the line “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. It was not in vain that Jesus made that line a necessary part of the prayer but for the fact that we all on earth are gods that will bring to pass the will of the almighty God here on earth.  So you will see that taking your position is very necessary.

At first, the devil thought he had succeeded in blindfolding man from taking his rightful place by creating enmity between man and God via sin but Jesus came and eliminated the evil seed planted by the enemy that man may take his rightful place on earth again.

So what then happens when a man recognizes the efficacy of the cross and takes his place in Christ?

When a man recognizes the importance of the cross; life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, he begins to exercise his heavenly given rights via constant study of the word and communion with God as that gives chance for the entrance of the life and spirit of God into him (man).  Recall that in Genesis 3:8, it was recorded that God was walking in the garden and it was a usual thing as at then. This simply tells us that God could commune with man face to face before the fall in the garden of Eden. The understanding of the word of God opens a man’s horizon to see things on earth the way God sees it.

In this post, we will be checking out three (3) super powers God hid in man that most Christians have not actually understood via the words of God. Below are the powers we will be considering;
  1. The power to create more things: 
God made the heavens and the earth right? Yes!  Since we are all gods under him, it means we also share of this super power of our heavenly father as well. Meaning that, we can create more upon that which he created already.  He has made it clear in Psalms 82:6 saying “I have said, ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most high”. Need I say more from the verse we just read? It is clearly written that we are gods and his children as well. A father always begets his nature in his offspring and in the same way God has beget us to be like him on earth. So it’s very necessary that we arise in this generation and take our rightful place and bring results of exploit to our heavenly father.

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2.   The Power to take charge of situations:
Currently in the world, there are so many tribulations and happenings all across the nations which have been long prophesied to come to pass according toMatthew 24:1-end but that doesn’t mean that the ability to take charge of situations around us is not possible. It is very important that we understand the reason why God chose to draw man to himself in the first place. He created man in his own very image that man may be like him but reside here on earth and execute his will as it is in heaven down here on earth but it takes man’s understanding via revelation to awake and take the spaces to do exploits for God and be blessed.
So it is crucial that every believer arise to the place of “operation takeover situations”.  It is an avenue to exercise the god naturegiven you by God. Funny as it may sound, God sees certain horrible situations but doesn’t intervene until there is a decree and declaration of victory by a prayerful Christian here on earth about that particular situation. Why would God do so? It is simple. He is in heaven running the affairs of the earth through man (god) on the earth to who he (God) has given all dominion to subdue the earth and use the earth to the glory of God almighty. The earlier we engage this truth, the better results our ride with God will bring to our lives and environment.

3. The power to Connect with heaven via the Holy spirit:
The human spirit sometimes called “the spirit man” is a great sign that God himself has designed man to have access to so many portals pertaining heaven as long as mankind and the heavenly realm is concerned. Why would St. Paul say to the Colossians in Colossians 3:1-3 to focus their eyes on things above and not things here on earth? It is simply because the source of everything for the earth cometh direct from the throne of grace which is located in heaven.

The holy spirit of God connects to a man through a man’s own spirit so the communication becomes a spirit to spirit communion. We will see that a man whose spirit connects to the Holy Ghost tends to have a greater insight of God via his word than those who neglect the place and importance of the Holy Spirit. When a man is connected to God, there is nothing he can’t do on earth as his source of strength never runs dry. God is ever faithful to his own

It is very important that every Christian in this age wake up and take his/her rightful place in God. God is ever ready to guide the willing and ready in heart. God is waiting for the ones who would open the door and let him in to come in and make them.



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