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Hello people of God, Daily Hope (DH) has been designed to bring to you great insights from the word of God. To share understanding from the word of God is the core value of this website.We will be inspiring you with the word via Teachings, Inspirational stories, Outreaches, Daily Living series and lots more.
Daily Hope was birthed out a hunger to help Christians and non-Christians to come to know how God operates and how he intends the best of life for us all. God has packaged a lot of treasures in his word for mankind to discover and tap from but it takes understanding for it to be a reality in any man's life. That's why we have followed the command embedded in the great commission Jesus gave before he departed the earth in Matthew 28:19 where Jesus said unto his disciples "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the son and of the holy spirit.". 

God always wants the lost to be found and attended to so that they may enjoy all he has prepared for them and as well disconnect them from the snares and craftiness of darkness which is a bondage for any man on earth. God's love has no limit for he is a God who does what he says he will do. It pains God when man has no knowledge of him and that's why he would say via his prophet Hosea in Hosea 4:6 to tell them thus; "My people  are destroyed for lack of knowledge;......." This is a mission to be taken serious and that's the reason why we have decided to awaken as many as we can by simply sharing great understandings from the word of God here few times in a week. we will do our best to feed our audience the words of God three(3) times a week via blog posts in any of the categories we have here. Thank You for joining us here. To get updates daily each time we make a post, simply sign up via email sign-up box below. Thank you.

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