3 Ways to Use your Youthful strength to Reap God’s Blessings


 In the phases of life, the middle of it comes the youthful days which is naturally filled with so much strength that makes every youth want to exercise every single idea and this is where many get it wrong and miss the way to the ultimate future laid before them by God. The strength that is stored in the youthful stage of life was actually for a purpose by God who made it so. To each man living on earth he (God) has given an assignment (Gen 2:15) which we often call “Destiny”. When a man discovers this, he tend to bend everything pertaining his life to rhyme with it to ensure the fulfillment of it while here on earth as Late Pastor Myles Munroe would usually say “Die empty”. Dying empty in this context means leaving no stone unturned in your calling here on earth as a true Christian. But the question is, “what happens when one fails at the youthful stage to maximize the strength in fulfilling life purpose?”

In this article, we will be considering some steps to take ensure an effective youthful Christian living to enhance a glorious future here on earth and in eternity too. Below are some helpful tips.

    1.       Be a Born-again Christian without Hypocrisy:
We are in an era where people live daily as Christians but are not truly living the real outlined pattern of life laid down by Jesus while here on earth. Recall that Jesus was 33 years of age when he went to the cross to save mankind from sin that we all may share in the eternal life God willed for man at initial during creation. Jesus lived on earth as a child, adolescent and finally as an adult like every one of us and yet he was tagged blameless for he was found to be without sin. If he has laid down his life for our sake and could live that way while on earth, then by grace given by God the father, we too can live each day glorifying God without hypocrisy of worship. Read Colossians 3:1-3.
     2.     Discover why God Created You:

When you discover the very purpose why God created you on this earth, then you won’t be found wasting your time and energy on what has no business with your destiny. When you lay aside all cares of life that makes the people of this world go crazy and concentrate on God who is the author and the finisher of our faith, then all these things you need will be given to you without you ignoring the path of God (Matt 6:33). God is never a robber of men so don’t think that you will miss out in a lot of things because you have discovered your purpose and living it in accordance to Gods’ will. God is not a robber of men but a rewarder of men therefore, fret not. 

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As a youth, finding your place here on earth by purpose makes you a problem solver in your time because every potential embedded in you by God will serve as reinforcements for the solving of lots of problems of mankind here on earth. Imagine if your destiny was in the hope ministry where you should have been of help of to the destitute and then you went ahead to ignore it and hence lived in the circle of finance. Can you imagine thousands of people that will miss out in tapping blessings from the gifts of God upon your life? Discover your gifts from God and start making use of them without wasting any further time. God is expecting a profit from your life while here on earth (Luke 19:13-14)

       3.       Become productive on all grounds relating to your Discovered Purpose:

When you discover a treasure, do you just keep it in a box and forget it there? Absolute no will be your reaction to this question I guess. You would do all you can to gain more from it. In the same way, it is very important that you seek ways to use your God given gifts, talents, potentials now that you are young to reap blessings from on high. God doesn’t bless group but individual. So learn to set out plans of running the race of this life to a finish by being productive in your time here. Time is going!!!

God is always seeking for whom to bless as everything in his words are strategized to bless man here on earth and in the eternal life to come but the question here is, “are you willing to get these blessings he has in store for his own?”  If yes, then engage in Kingdom growth exercises to stand a great deal of chance of being honored by God for no man labors in the vineyard of God and not be blessed. Grace is available for those who are willing to engage the words of God on daily basis.

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