3 Cheap Ways a Christian Backslides back to SIN


Backsliding as we all know is leaving your state of purity by grace and launch back to your former ways that are not godly according to scriptures (God’s will). What causes this? The simple answer which could still come in different ways by interpretation is: Failure to continually offer oneself as a living sacrifice in accordance to Romance 12:1. Our disobedience to scriptures leaves us at a very dangerous state where the devil can step in and cause havocs in our life from the spiritual to physical. Watch out for the moment when you notice your gradual drifting from the words of God.

How then do Christians backslide cheaply these days? Below is a few of them

1.       Playing with worldly things:
We are in an era where Christians both old and young joke with sin by virtue of how they live. Taking for granted the effect of sin our walk with God is a serious setback on our journey in this life as it makes us uncertain of what we daily believe and hope in. it is very important that we don’t blend with the world at all. Read Roman 12:1-end.

2.       Neglecting the Place of Prayer:
Prayer no matter how much many may want to see it, it can’t just be underestimated with regards to its importance in our walk with God. We must take it serious as it draws us very close to God. No one sincerely communes with God and remain the same. Why not take prayer seriously and see your spirit man fired up to remained focused. Prayer aids in making you conscious of the presence of God in your life. By this, you won’t want to trade it for the treasures of this world. Here is a biblical method to apply: 2 Timothy 2:22-23.

3.       Failure to Daily study the word of God:
Every Christian is supposed to cling to the words of God because that’s how you will constantly know the mind of God at all instances of life. But when you are less literate of the mind of God, you can take decisions that are not good or healthy for your living both spiritually and physically. Take God’s words seriously and see your life maintain a positive growth. Never mind the principles of living poured out into the air by the devil. Maintain your focus on the words of God to constantly remain connected to the mind of God in order to live as he has willed for us.

God desires that we constantly remain in his presence without drifting away and that’s the very reason why he sent his only begotten son Jesus to come die for our sins that by his blood we may reconnect back to the original will of God. Why not take note of these things that disconnect us from God? God still loves you. Hook up once again with God via prayer, Word study and daily lifestyle…..Remain Blessed

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