3 Important Facts Christians Forget Fast


          The Christian race is very interesting and glorious as we follow in the steps of our lord and savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross of calvary to show us the way back to God the father who is in heaven. But while living here on earth, there are different kinds of challenges that Christians in different continents face on a daily basis but surely victory is sure at last. The challenges we face have made some brethren to lose focus on the source of their strength (God).

          In this article, I will be pointing out to us some of the important facts that most Christians tend to forget in this end time that we are in. The challenges are sometimes too hard but we must not forget the hope given us from God’s word with regards to temptation in 1 Cor 10:13. We must have that fact registered in our minds at the moments that diverse temptations hit us.

       1.     God is Always Faithful (1 Cor 1:9) : 
      God is always faithful to attend to our needs no matter what the situation looks like. Often times when the challenges come our way, we tend to start bending/yielding to the worldly standards that will yield no positive results but rather take away some of the deposits of heaven upon our lives. Learn to trust God for it’s at such acts that God is engaged to fight our battles to the very end.

      2.       Earth is For Your Domination (Gen 1:28) :
Many Christians forget this divine mandate that is a fact about every child of God. God said it himself after he made mankind at the very beginning of the earth. He didn’t in any way say that the earth should subdue man but instead commanded man to subdue the earth. This means that if you are not living this life, something has gone wrong with your daily dealings with regards to God’s desire for mankind at creation. So will you subdue the earth around you by your exploits or you will let it rule and lord over you with its challenges? Rise up and take your place. Ye are gods (Ps 82:6).

      3.       Mankind/Earth is waiting for your manifestation (Rom 8:9):
Can we all see that whenever we waste any time in taking our rightful place in life that we are disappointing the entire universe? Can we afford to take this calling for granted? Of course we won’t dare do so. So what must we do about this? The step to take is to obey the ultimate commission given by Jesus Christ as he was departing the earth 2000 years ago as recorded in Matt 28:19. That commission was not a plea but actually a command for us all. Find your place on the earth as time waits for none of us at all. May the almighty God in his infinite grace empower us to do what he will have us do. Amen.

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