The journey of Grace


What God’s grace can do often times can be so unfathomable in the lives of men. God’s grace opens platform for man to do better on a daily basis but often times, man fails to see it and cease the opportunity to do great in life and bring results. The results brought forward by virtue of grace speaks loud of how wise a man used the grace provided to him by God. We have 3 types of grace which are the salvation, ministerial and providence grace. Every Christian has the potential of enjoying all the three forms of grace mentioned above but the basic start point is the salvation grace. It is the open door to the next stages of grace.

Salvation grace will lead a new Believer to the next level but before then, it gives the believer an insight of what he/she has gotten into by the redeeming power of the blood of Jesus on the cross of Calvary. The next stage is called the Ministerial grace. The ministerial grace exposes the new believer to the reality of purpose of life and the responsibility that awaits every believer in the kingdom. In the ministerial grace activities, a believer is equipped by grace to take his place and do what he’s created to do in life. It’s with ministerial grace that every believer stands a chance to do exploit in the journey of life but when the place of grace that comes from God is ignored, the inevitable life of lack and want creeps in as he (man) will start living to known and worshiped by fellow men which is never the original blueprint of God for mankind in the first place.
The 3rd stage of grace advancement in the Christian race is the providence grace level where the believer begins to enjoy provisional supplies enough for spiritual and physical well-being.

In our next post, we will explain in details with biblical references about the 3 types of faith. You can make your comments below about your journey of grace thus far.

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