3 Things Lazy Christians Mistake Prayer For


The title of this article may sound a bit controversial because of the choice of word I used which is ‘Lazy’. I used the word lazy to categorize the set of the 21st century Christians who think spiritual affairs will automatically attend to the physical manifestations of the things they prayed about.  Jesus while on earth discouraged laziness (John 5:7) and likewise the apostle Paul (Eph 4:28). So scripture wise, laziness is discouraged on all grounds. So what are these things some Christians mistake prayer to be its exhibitor?

There is a fine thin line between the spiritual and the physical realm. But it takes understanding to get the clear picture of it all on all matters regarding life here on earth. The quicker a Christian discover this truth, the better and sweeter his/her journey becomes via the leading of the Holy Spirit.

       1.       Decision Making:
When we come to God in prayers, we communicate with him and him also to us. With his words in our heart, we pray in line with his will and not amiss but after this, for the truth of his word to prevail, we need to make godly decisions in accordance to his principles but if we just pray and leave the decision making unattended to, we will get no results for the Prayer prayed was in the revelation equation and not in the decision making equation. That’s why from the beginning, God gave man will to decide what he desires to do.

      2.       Using of God-given gifts and Talents:
The story of the servants whose master gave different numbers of talents is a popular story in this regard. Some of them used theirs and multiplied it and made profits for their master and he was pleased on arrival but was disappointed at the one who kept his and never cared to put it to work and make some profit for his master as expected. Praying alone about a talent you have won’t make your talents get to work (investment) to yield profit for God at the end. It’s ok to pray about it and seek ways to use it to God’s glory but waiting for the prayer you prayed to bring it to a reality is less like waiting for the scourging sun to boil an ocean.
      3.       Acquisition of Wealth and Money:
When Jesus was done using peter’s boat at the river bank to teach the people the word, he blessed peter’s fishery business by giving him simply instructions to follow. Peter quietly followed the instructions given him by Jesus and surely reaped the results of it at the end of it all. Imagine if peter had just sat there and waited for a miracle without following instructions? He would have just wasted the daytime as he did with the midnight while trying to catch fishes for sales. (Read Luke 5:1-9) The result peter got according to Luke 5:1-9 simply speaks and sends a clear message that wealth and money can’t just fall on your laps for free. There must be a work done for wealth to be its dividend at the end. Most Christians these days just sit down and pray for wealth and don’t take a single step in obeying the kingdom principles that deals with wealth and money. Wisdom demands that he who wants to be rich should work for it (Proverbs 13:11).

The Christian race is filled with principles for each stage and situations that comes your way. Whenever you ignore the basic principle for whatsoever you seek, then just be rest assured that you won’t get the expected result of such a principle because you disregarded its standards. Take a step today to pray and take necessary actions and not just pray alone. Prayer without decision making at the end doesn’t bring results.

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